Into the new season


We’re three weeks into the new season and I’ve taken a lot of photographs – a new season is usually quite hard work at the start. Friendlies are basically there to get players fit, so there’s few (if any) easy ‘run my way’ goal celebrations, and photographers like players are rusty at first – or at least I normally am.

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One picture sums up Julian Speroni

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 10.19.50 copy

I’m not a massive fan of testimonial matches, there’s usually little atmosphere and they are played at half pace but on Tuesday evening I was in South London to photograph Julian Speroni’s testimonial game and it was maybe the most enjoyable football experience I’ve ever had, including cup finals and European trips.

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Getting the scorer wrong

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 16.05.46

I got asked on Monday how the media manage to get goal scorers in football matches wrong, I’m not talking about games being broadcast on live TV where they obviously have the ability to play back the goal instantly to determine who scored, but the written press and photographers. This followed SKY Sports website and a good few other media outlets crediting David Clarkson’s goal for Dundee at Inverness to Paul McGowan at the weekend.
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What’s the story?

No matter what you’re photographing the secret is to find the story, even if your subject is something as simple as football. It’s not just getting clean pics of guys challenging for the ball and making sure you get the goals (you’ll miss some unless you are getting frames from other photographers – yes that’s how some of the big names never miss a goal) and celebrations.


Last weekend I shot Dundee’s win at Motherwell in the SPFL Premiership, a pretty much run of the mill game and not one that most people would think had much of a story, but there were several.
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no instagram required

no istagram required

Waiting for the sunset at Mallory Square, Key West, USA

Not updated this blog in a long time, but here’s a pic from the holiday I’ve just returned from in the Florida Keys. As I took it I was eavesdropping on a conversation between a girl who was explaining how awesome Instagram was making her pics to her friend – Had a little chuckle to myself, this really was the last place in the world that adding a filter was going to improve a picture.